If there’s one thing that you won’t get from Texas Pool Champions, it’s subpar, run-of-the-mill pool design. A pool is more than a concrete-lined hole in the ground that’s filled with water. No, it’s much more than that; our pools are places of rest, retreat, relaxation — and custom design.

With so many simple designss out there, why settle for someone else’s vision of what your backyard pool should look like when you can create your own custom oasis? Texas Pool Champions understands that you’re as unique as the pool and outdoor living area we bring to life, and believe that you deserve to see your dream pool and living space turned into a reality fit for royalty. When you choose Texas Pool Champions for your custom pool designs and outdoor living area, you’re choosing unparalleled experience, design, and customer service. Ready to learn more about how to turn your pool and outdoor living area dreams into tangible happiness? Read on to get more details on how Texas Pool Champions can get your custom pool and outdoor living area ready for the next Texas summer.


Over our 35-plus years in the construction and custom pool designs business, we’ve come to learn a thing or two about how to turn dreams into tangibles. It all starts with a simple, yet often overlooked, approach: we get to know our clients. We know it might sound cliched, but we truly believe that we deliver our best product when we know we’re meeting your exact specifications. To ensure this, we meet with each client to ascertain both what is important to the client and what changes might need to made to ensure that your dream-pool is built atop a solid foundation of experienced craftsmanship. Our custom pool designers (the Dream Team, as we like to call them) are experts in taking your novel idea and constructing a custom design for review and approval. Think you might want to speak with us again after your first sketch? No trouble at all. We’re always willing to work with clients to meet their exact specifications. We’re not satisfied until our client is satisfied, and that, coupled with our refusal to compromise quality, is what separates the Champions from the rest.


While we have no doubt your custom swimming pool will have no trouble holding its own among your manicured lawn, a custom landscaping job around your pool makes your outdoor living area all the more inviting. When you choose to adorn your custom swimming pool with the timeless class that only a pergola can deliver, or the coastal simplicity of a gazebo set just a ways from the commotion of the pool, you’re choosing to elevate your outdoor living are to heights that, we wager, will leave your neighbors peeking over your fence and inviting themselves over to BBQ on that new grill you’ve got in your custom outdoor kitchen. Ready to get started with Texas Pool Champions on your next outdoor upgrade? Give us a shout today, and get ready to add your personal touch to your backyard.